Market for real estate investors

The market for real estate investors and hard money mortgage note investors is better than it has ever been in my 20 year career. Probably better than it will ever be in my lifetime.

So why aren’t more people taking advantage? In my opinion it’s lack of money (funding) or fear, probably a combination of the two. Fear comes into play for those of use who have lost their life savings and even lively hoods in the up market which ended in 2007. Lack of money comes into play because it’s extremely difficult to borrow today.

If you have money and have been considering buying real estate for investment then now is the time where you really have nothing to fear. Jump right in and buy a single family home, get it rented out and buy another. If you can put up with the pitfalls of managing real estate then it will be almost impossible to fail since you can buy homes in established neighborhoods for less than it would cost to build them, in Florida anyway. You will have no problem earning a 10% to 20% return, more if you are good and lucky.

If you don’t want to deal with the headaches of rental property then find a good mortgage broker and invest in hard money mortgage loans. You can use cash or self directed IRA funds.

Get out there and do something before this investor market passes you by!